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As you can see, there is "[t]" in the array that is generating the problem, i.e., the array was top aligned. Are matrices in Lyx 2.1.0 set up by default on top alignment instead of middle aligment? I don't really remember changing this aligment.
The popup window does seem to come up with top-alignment as the default. Middle would be better, I think.

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    Dear all,

    I am on Ubuntu 12.02 with Lyx 2.1.0. I wanted to make set the
    binomial coefficient for a binomial distribution, so I did as I
    alway did, i.e., insert the parenthesis in my equation and a size
    2 column vector in the parenthesis.

I was going to respond to this part anyway. For binomial coefficients, use (gee) \binom instead. The parentheses are tighter around the numbers, and it looks more like a binomial coefficient. Easier as well.

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