On 05/29/2014 04:57 PM, Rainer M Krug wrote:
"Alex Vergara Gil" <a...@cphr.edu.cu> writes:

   Richard you obviously miss the point here, or I was not very clear!
it is not a different format, is a facility to have python scripts
running within LyX framework, you have to see ipython notebook to
understand what I mean, you will be surprised!!  Basically to build
graphs, for instance (and only a piece of what can be done), you add
the (let's call it) "knitpy" module and then place a knitpy insert,
write some python code that produces a matplotlib graphic and then
when lyx compiles the document, instead of the code it is shown the
graph, it also can be done in the lyx editing window, but thats a more
dificult request.
I might be *completely* off, but couldn't you achieve exactly this via
defining converters? I have for example a converter defined, which
"converts" plantuml source fields into uml graphs, i.e. it defines the
call to compile them and return the graphs which are then inserted in
the document?

Yes, that's more or less what I was suggesting.


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