From: "Richard Heck" <>
Sent: Thursday, May 29, 2014 5:05 PM
>> I might be *completely* off, but couldn't you achieve exactly this via
>> defining converters? I have for example a converter defined, which
>> "converts" plantuml source fields into uml graphs, i.e. it defines the
>> call to compile them and return the graphs which are then inserted in
>> the document?
> Yes, that's more or less what I was suggesting.
> rh

Let's see if I understand:
1. I wrote a python script that produces the graphic I want
2. I insert it in LyX somehow I don't know, perhaps defining a converter from 
.py to svg, but this needs to be inside a module or every python script in LyX 
will try to be converted into a svg!! So a module is also needed
3. LyX is the one who knows the correct size of the graphic so in principle if 
I produce a svg should be enough but in this way I need to produce a new svg 
every time the data change

Take this simple script as example

import numpy as np
from numpy.random import randn
import matplotlib as mpl
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
data = randn(75)

which produce a graphic like this in spyder

So basically I save this graphic to a svg and then I load it into LyX, but why 
not letting LyX doing this automatically if it already handles with python?? 
This is my question.



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