On 06/08/2014 05:36 PM, stefano franchi wrote:
Now, suppose instead I want to add a LFUN to take care of inserting the slashed o. (I won't, just trying to understand a bit better how keyboard input is managed in this case) I would add the proper constant in FuncCode.h and its proper line and documentation in LyXAction.cpp. But where does managing the insertion go? I grepped the accent-acute etcetera functions, but cannot find any place in the codebase where the insertion actually take place.

The lowercase LFUNs are user-friendly versions. They are converted to elements of an enum for handling within the code itself, in this case, LFUN_ACCENT_ACUTE. So that's what you really need to search for. It gets handled within Text3.cpp. The way it works is that the LFUN itself mimics a deadkey (this is the call to handleKeyFunc), and then translateAndInsert does the actual insertion.


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