Dear Denis,

I have TeXlive on my Windows machine, in order to avoid other problems I
have found with Lyx. Do you think that might be a source of problems?
 Nevertheless, I believe that I had started Lyx's installer with
administrative privileges.


Julio Rojas

On Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 6:23 PM, Denis Navas Vega <>

> At the begining, I have found desirable to run LyX with administrative
> privileges in windows.  That avoid that the operative system, block access
> to some files.  Since LyX will invoke MikTeX after it verifies the
> installed packages, is important that MikTeX is configured to automatically
> install a missing package.
> Also, MikTeX configuration has provision to stablish that LuaLaTeX is an
> available format, that has to be authorized after MikTeX installation.

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