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> Hello,
> Problem SOLVED. It was due to older files I located using Terminal app. I 
> deleted everything related to LyX (rm -R LyX*) on the system and reinstalled 
> LyX2.1.1 and float figure started to work. Stephan thanks for your time.
> Cahit

Ok, glad to hear you've solved it.

But I don't understand it. How did you manage to get a mixture of older and 
newer files? The should be consistent. Either you have one version of 
it or another. You cannot have both without tricks. Please tell me, what files 
did you delete? Inside the /Application folder?


>>> Hello,
>>> After migrating to a new MacBookPro (OS 10.9.4) and downloading LyX2.1 my 
>>> book figures started to be UNDEFINED. Also in New documents (KOMA Script 
>>> Book or other book classes) "Insert>Float>Figure" has the same problem; it 
>>> creates UNDEFINED figures as shown below. I reinstalled MacTeX2014 and then 
>>> LyX2.1 but could not solved the problem. Reconfiguring and using different 
>>> Book Document Classes did not help. I tried online info and help before 
>>> submitting this request. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>>> Thanks.
>> Hello,
>> I'm not sure if I can help you, but I'd like to see a small LyX file with 
>> the problem.
>> Please, send a minimal example to the list.
>> Stephan

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