I have a Zoom H4 that I use for music, but I haven't tested it.  I'll try but 
I'm not sure where my cable for the M100 is.  I think there is an empty DIN 
plug floating around some where so I'll have to get out the soldering iron.....


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Skickat: den 9 februari 2018 19:27
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Ämne: [M100] digital audio recorders en lieu of cassette recorders?

Good morning.  I'm curious about what work has been done with using digital 
equipment to save/load "cassette-based" files?  Specifically, has anyone done 
any work with those digital audio recorders used for dictation, recording 
meetings, etc?

The main reason why I ask is that I've always been under the impression that 
the "remote" signal was required for the M100 to proper save/write files to 
cassette, and most (if not all?) of these modern digital audio recorders don't 
have a remote input jack.

While not as convenient as saving files with a TPDD emulator, it does seem that 
having an archive of files saved as MP3 files (or equivalent) would be a fun 
way to preserve and use this technology.


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