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> I know this batch were pre-programmed for the 100 (and 102), but I
> assume it's easy enough to make it 200 compatible?

It's pretty straightforward in that it doesn't require any specialized 
chip-programming hardware.  As long as you have a TPDD or TPDD emulator already 
working with your machine, it's just a matter of putting a couple of files in 
the TPDD (or emulator) and running a few commands on the T200.


After putting the REX in your T200 ROM socket, scroll down to the section 
'Rebuilding REX' and follow steps 2, 4, and 5 (steps 1 and 3 are only needed if 
you already had the REX working in your machine, although obviously the part of 
step 1 about backing up your RAM files is important, since in step 5 you'll be 
doing a cold restart).  Use the files for release 162, though, not 236.  
They're linked a little bit further down the page.

This is a good process to be familiar with anyways, as this is essentially how 
you'd go about upgrading your REX to a future software release.


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