Yes, I'm comfortable with soldering a new resistor, but the NEC was
originally sold with both a NiCd battery pack and a standard Alkaline
battery pack. The only difference between the two is the charging
resistor and a jumper. I would assume that the power supply would know,
based on the type of pack plugged in, how to adjust for this. But I
have no evidence of this. I have restored both an original NiCd battery
pack and converted a standard pack to be rechargeable. Both show the
same behavior.

On Tue, Jun 12, 2018, at 8:17 PM, Doug Jackson wrote:
> Kurt,
> I'm sure it would be possible to adjust the threshold where the LED
> illuminates to match the new battery chemistry.  It's probably a
> resistor change.> 
> Are you comfortable with soldering on the logic board?
> Doug
> On Wed, 13 Jun. 2018, 12:36 pm Kurt McCullum,
> <> wrote:>> __
>> I've got several battery holders for my NEC units. I have converted a
>> couple to recharge batteries by following the instructions on
>> The 71.5k resistor was the hardest part to find and in
>> the end I bought 100 of them. The batteries charge fine, and work ok.
>> But what I notice is that the low battery light comes one after only
>> an hour or so. I can still run the machine for another 15+ hours but
>> the light is always on. This I assume is due to the fact that the
>> batteries are 1.2v rechargeable instead of 1.5 alkaline.>> 
>> So my question, has anyone tried using the 1.5 rechargeable alkaline
>> batteries? if so, how did it work for you.>> 
>> Kurt

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