Hi Kurt -

"Watchdog" is a Tracy Allen pgm that's documented here -

Scroll down a bit...


My stuff is in storage right now,  but what I did is use the background

task interrupt to increment a secs/mins/hours counter,  & display the

result where the M$ blurb is located on top - Pretty easy...


On 6/13/18, Kurt McCullum <ku...@fastmail.com> wrote:
> Jack,
> Glad to here it isn't just my experience. Is your watchdog.co available?
> I've toyed with building a battery pack with 10 1/3 AA cells (2 banks of
> 5). This would give me 6v but the capacity would be less than just using
> 4 regular cells.
> I have two dead 8201's that both still have good power supplies so I
> may try it on one of those. I believe the resistor change would be on
> the power supply itself. It's nice to have a bone yard of parts to
> test with.
> Kurt
> On Wed, Jun 13, 2018, at 9:03 AM, John Gardner wrote:
>> Kurt -
>> NiCds are all I use in my 8201a's  -  They both act identically
>> to yours.>
>> Years ago I rearranged WATCHDOG.CO to display elapsed-time where
>> the M$ blurb usually appears,  which scratched my itch for a
>> little more>
>> battery certainty.  I reset it when I change batteries  -  Not
>> perfect,  but>
>> good enough.
>> If you pursue tweaking the battery light circuit I hope you write
>> it up...>
>>   Jack
>> On 6/12/18, Kurt McCullum <ku...@fastmail.com> wrote:
>>> Yes, I'm comfortable with soldering a new resistor, but the NEC was
>>> originally sold with both a NiCd battery pack and a standard Alkaline>>
>>> battery pack. The only difference between the two is the charging
>>> resistor and a jumper. I would assume that the power supply
>>> would know,>> based on the type of pack plugged in, how to adjust for
>>> this. But I
>>> have no evidence of this. I have restored both an original NiCd
>>> battery>> pack and converted a standard pack to be rechargeable. Both
>>> show the>> same behavior.
>>> Kurt
>>> On Tue, Jun 12, 2018, at 8:17 PM, Doug Jackson wrote:
>>>> Kurt,
>>>> I'm sure it would be possible to adjust the threshold where the LED>>>
>>>> illuminates to match the new battery chemistry.  It's probably a
>>>> resistor change.>
>>>> Are you comfortable with soldering on the logic board?
>>>> Doug
>>>> On Wed, 13 Jun. 2018, 12:36 pm Kurt McCullum,
>>>> <ku...@fastmail.com> wrote:>> __
>>>>> I've got several battery holders for my NEC units. I have
>>>>> converted a>>>> couple to recharge batteries by following the
>>>>> instructions on
>>>>> Web8201.net. The 71.5k resistor was the hardest part to find and in>>>>
>>>>> the end I bought 100 of them. The batteries charge fine, and
>>>>> work ok.>>>> But what I notice is that the low battery light comes one
>>>>> after only>>>> an hour or so. I can still run the machine for another
>>>>> 15+
>>>>> hours but>>>> the light is always on. This I assume is due to the fact
>>>>> that the
>>>>> batteries are 1.2v rechargeable instead of 1.5 alkaline.>>
>>>>> So my question, has anyone tried using the 1.5 rechargeable
>>>>> alkaline>>>> batteries? if so, how did it work for you.>>
>>>>> Kurt

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