Does that include bug fixes from v1.7?

I sent Ken a PM back a while ago describing a bug I found, but got no

The problem occurs when transferring a BASIC program from VirtualT to the
PC in ASCII format. The bug concerns any BASIC program that uses embedded
ASCII characters with the value greater than 127d directly in PRINT
statements. When these characters are used (for example, the downward
pointing triangle, 167d A7h), the ASCII character value is not preserved in
the saved output file, but instead a BASIC keyword is substituted.

For example (+ character is really 167d, input with the keyboard sequence
[CODE]_ ):
A program containing the line:
11510 PRINT@280,"++";

 is saved in the ASCII format output file as:
11510 PRINT@280,"GOTOGOTO";

I am not sure if the keyword GOTO is the actual substitution, as I am away
from my "development" computer and can verify, but it illustrates the basic
problem. Likely, as BASIC keywords are probably represented as values
higher than 127d, and the routine in VirtualT to save a file on the PC in
ASCII format is not setting a flag to track the occurrences of the "
character pairs and interpret any characters within as ASCII characters and
not BASIC keywords.



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   Hey Guys,

   Steven Hurd also converted the cvs repo to a git repo.
   Both he and I have been making updates to that repo.  I am working
   toward a VT 1.8 release.


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