I saw them on Skype but as soon as I called, the call was immediately rejected. Weird, too, considerring that their status wasn't set to away nor busy. It said flat out, online.


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Subject: RE: [Mac-Access]: enough!

Dear David and List members,

I've tried to make contact with those responsible for this list but any email addresses I have are being rejected.

I can't explain what is going on, however, if anyone knows how to make contact then that would be very helpful as it is possible they are unaware of what is happening.

Best wishes,


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From: David Griffith [mailto:d.griff...@btinternet.com]
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I can understand the frustration.

I have been trying also to unsubscribe using the recommended email address without success.

I would suggest that the administrator of this list needs to take it down completely until things work properly.

David Griffith
David Griffith

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From: Eileen [mailto:eileen.misr...@gmail.com]
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Okay!!! Now, does foul language have to come into play? There's no room for that. I'm just going through all the numerous email traffic in my email account and Ann Roberts gave a corrected email address that will take you off list. And another thing, you try running a list serve when working full-time. I don't see you volunteering. Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones that only to receive these list postings once. Maybe it's you that didn't follow the monitors instructions from the get go when he needed to migrate to a new server and start from stratch. It's folks like you that puts a bad taste in someone elses mouth that values this list serve.

Good day and good riddens to you.

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On May 24, 2015, at 11:31 PM, sadam ahmed <sadamahmed1...@icloud.com> wrote:

Well said.

Even when the list was active I personally did not find it very helpful at all.

But this is getting fucking ridiculous.

I have tried everything and I can't seem to unsubscribe.

Receiving. Multiple. Emails. Is no fun at all!

Frankly you should be ashamed of yourself Mr Gordon.

Blatantly spamming people's email addresses with this nonsense.

Not respecting or listening to people's requests to be removed from this stupid list.

Messages bouncing when I ask to be removed.

A horrendous web interface.

To be honest there are far better alternatives available to Mac-access.

For the last time please remove me from this sorry excuse for a list.

Sadam Ahmed

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On 25 May 2015, at 3:22 pm, Jay Rufo <jayr...@verizon.net> wrote:

just because you decided to start this list again is no excuse to take all
the email addresses you had and suddenly start to send email's/start the
list again. Sending people an email stating the list was available would
have been sufficient. Should this have happened then folks that were willing
could have signed up again. Secondarily, you obviously have no idea how to
conduct a list hence the multiple repeated emails. Shouldn't you have tested
this? Are you insane? Good god.

I enjoy the fact you want to have a list and share knowledge. We all need
that. I don't clap my hands in terms of how you went about it. You strike me
as someone who just got his Nintendo back!

That said, I wish you well with this list but please take me off it
promptly. Since this list has been on hiatus, I've figured out the apple
operating system to my satisfaction.



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