On Tuesday, January 25, 2005, at 11:48 PM, Darren wrote:

Brian Futrell wrote:
How exactly are you getting PearPC to work?
I've tried it several times with WinXP and an AMD Sempron 2200. I can get the initial gray screen with the Apple Logo on it, but if you press a key or move the mouse, I get an event timeout message.

Hi Brian.

If you get that far my guess is the config file is good but needs a tweak. First thing I'd check is that the

prom_bootmethod = "select"

this will bring up the firmware boot window at the very start of the emulation so you can choose the device to boot from, check that the device can be booted and fall back to the first window if the device can not be booted.

Further down the config file double check the image file entries are set correctly. The emulation will fail at the firmware screen if there are syntax errors but not if the images files are incorrectly named.

Near the end of the config file are the entries for the ethernet emulation, check the value is 1 rather than 0 if you want ethernet.

http://www.pearpc.net/links.php holds some good stuff. I'd like to recommend a frontend but so far only the Pear Control Panel has worked well and gives you somewhere to launch different configs and ppc.exe's from. It also changes to startup of OSX a gui rather than text. Comparing the resulting config files with my early attemps by hand has been a learning experiece as always. Might be worth a shot.

The others dont work straight off for me, the java one doesn't work and PearGUI requires COMCTL32.OCX to be installed (whatever) so I'll go looking for that soon. Haven't tried the brower module yet. These are all available through the link above.

I use the .exe's found here http://richardgoodwin.com/pearpc/ also linked from above.

I have updated to 10.3.7 via the the software updater without trouble, the lack of sound I think is the cause of the failure of two small freeware games downloaded to test. :( Bumping the emulations ram up to 256 with only 512 installed may not be a good thing!

If I ever get it to work, it will be tempting to see if it's any faster than my Beige G3/333.

I doubt it, the comparsion will be better than anything I can compare it to. Good luck

I was using the Pear Control panel when I got these error messages. O'reily's site had an article/tutorial about setting up PearPC.

For now I had to remove the HD image file to make room for more Virtual PC 2004 images. I'll look at it again when I have more room.

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