From: William Ove <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Tue Apr 5, 2005  9:07:00 AM US/Central
To: "Mac-N-DOS List" <>
Subject: Re: Installing Windows on an OrangePC 620

On Tuesday, April 5, 2005, at 03:23 AM, Darren wrote:

Gregg Eshelman wrote:

For the Apple card, search for PC Setup 2.0. It was
made freeware and was available from the company
site until it went offline. Now you have to find it
elsewhere on the Web.

You may still have luck with the internet archive?
pcSetup 2.1.7 for the apple a 1.5mb bin which I can send if needed encoding for email will bloat it a fair bit. The reqired system files from 2.0 can also be sent, I dont think they require any special installation. Finally a floppy boot disk including the cdrom driver to make the install easy can be had from a few members, mugzie and myself can provide different images to do the same thing.
Just ask. :)

Thanks Gregg and Darren for the information. I was not too clear. I have the Apple DOS card setup in a PM7200 and it is all setup and running very well. In many respects it is nicer than the OrangePC card because Apple provides drivers for use with DOS for sound networking etc, while Orange's card seems to be very much setup to work with Windows.

My problems are with the OrangePC card. The web installer that Orange still has available for download has a drive image to be used as the D drive, which contains all the specific Orange drivers you need to use the card. This creates a real chicken and egg problem, where one needs software from the installer CD before one can load the drivers for the CD drive. From what I gather Orange provided a "Easy Install CD" that provides a solution to this. I have had no luck in my search to find this CD or a copy of it.

My next plan is to expand the D drive image file provided in the web installer. Copy the Win98 and Driver folders from the Win install CD over to that container. Hopefully then when I arrive at the point where the installer asks for the Win98 install CD to be inserted I will be able to redirect it to use the files I have copied over to the D drive.

Overall it seems the Apple DOS Card is much easier to work with than the OrangePC card. The advantage to the OrangePC 620 is that it is a 7" card and can be installed in Apple's AIO models. Of course if I could find a 7" Apple DOS Card I could do the same thing, but I have never seen an Apple 7" DOS card and wonder if they are not just a rumor.

thanks for your time.

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