Robert P. Greene wrote:

> I have a beige G3, into which I'd like to add an Apple PC Compatibility
> card. It's the 166MHz. version, and supports SoundBlaster. The sound signals
> run through the CD-ROM drive circuitry: one cable runs from the card to the
> CD-ROM drive, another cable runs from the card to the CD-ROM sound connector
> on the motherboard.
> Here's my problem: the card was made for the 7200-7600 series, and the sound
> cables are for a SCSI CD-ROM drive. The beige G3 has an IDE CD-ROM drive,
> and the sound cables don't fit.

You can buy a "universal" CD-ROM audio cable from your favorite computer
componants dealer, it will have two connectors (sometimes 3), one for
IDE the other for SCSI devices. Costs a few dollars.

My experiences with this card in a beige G3 were less than perfect.

Also pulled from a 7xxx series Mac and installed into a Beige G3, The
card worked, kind of, but I found it to be ultra flakey. I couldn't do
simple things such as install DOS/Win applications without error, file
sizes would report erroneous sizes. This 166 card works great in the
7600, which it's gone back into.

I also have a smaller 7" 100 MHz card, which after installing into the
G3 runs flawlessly, unfortunately it is not the card I would have
prefered to use in the G3.

I don't know why the 166 card was a problem and the 100 card wasn't, but
it was a dissapointement for me.

YMMV, good luck.


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