--- "Robert P. Greene" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Here's my problem: the card was made for the
> 7200-7600 series, and the sound
> cables are for a SCSI CD-ROM drive. The beige G3 has
> an IDE CD-ROM drive, and the sound cables don't fit.

The audio signals are the same. Splice red to red,
white to white and black to black. The black wires
are ground and it doesn't matter if you connect two
into one because inside the drives and on the
boards they're connected together.

Red is the left channel and white is the left.

The .1" spacing connector (with or without retention
latch) is what was settled on as the "MPC"* standard
for 5.25" optical drive analog audio connection.
The other connectors that're smaller were used by
Sony, Panasonic and Mitsumi in the time before IDE
CD-ROM drives were produced. All three used their
own proprietary data interfaces and it was common
to see PC soundcards with controllers built in for
all three, or even four with IDE. Sony's was almost,
but not quite, exactly unlike SCSI.** ;)
ISTR it supported up to 7 drives. Mitsumi's interface
supported up to four drives.
I dunno how many drives Panasonic's interface
supported. None of the three ever had a drive faster
than 4x made for them. By then, the IDE drives had
dropped in price and it was far cheaper for soundcard
makers to just put an IDE interface on, and most new
motherboards were being made with two onboard IDE

*Multimedia PC

**I'm going to see "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The
Galaxy" on opening day thid Friday, so I can be
excused a HHGTTG reference, right? ;)

It will be total Fandemonium, Summer 2005!
Check website for further info.

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