Darren wrote:

Jeff Lowenthal wrote:

Yes, indeed. I used to own one many years ago.

It was/is a beautifully-made hard drive on a card, made by the Plus
Development Corp. The 20 meg version sold for about $ 600 USD! It was
the first of a series of Hardcards, copied by other manufacturers.

thanks Jeff. can you boot from one or would it require a driver on a floppy.

They are bootable with the proper PeeCee BIOS revision and DOS version. I have one that is a Tandy private labeled Plus Hardcard. I also have a later model Tandy Hardcard that actually uses a 8/16 bit Seagate IDE hard drive. I think is was an ST-251A/X. They are packed in a lot of stuff for an inpending move or I would pull it out. I seem to recall that my oldest one is still set up with MS-DOS 2.11T (T for Tandy specific revisions) and the other one is set up with MS-DOS 3.12T.


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