On Apr 11, 2006, at 11:27 AM, Ben Pazolli wrote:

Simple question hopefully, I have just received a 7-inch Cyrix 586 100MHz Compatibility Card for my Power Macintosh 7200/120, which I bought off eBay for just under $20 AUD or $14 USD. Very happy, I am playing all my old dos games and running Windows 3.11. The problem is I have tried but can't setup my network on the 586 side. I have a TCP/IP network with DCHP, works fine on the Mac side. Any pointers would be great and I read somewhere that there are problems running the same protocol on both sides. If so, could someone
explain the workaround clearer?

The list has been quiet. Probably not too many folks still using these items. I have an OrangePC 520 card. While I have had no difficulty in getting networking functional with Win95, I have never been able to get it working with MS DOS.

MicroOrange the maker of my card, does supply additions/drivers that they represent as workable. I have never been sure whether the problem is with the network drivers or my configuration of them. I do not recall if Apple supplied DOS drivers for networking or not. The Orange PC is gone along with the company that made it. Their site has been mirrored at a couple locations and I do have all their drivers if they would be of benefit to you. I find it odd that Novell's old DOS network drivers remain tightly controlled commercial software. There is a DOS browser that comes with its own built in drivers for accessing the internet, but I have not had any luck using those either.

I enjoy using an old operating system known as GEOS, which runs on top of DOS. My card has a 166 processor and I have been a bit frustrated that it will only run MS DOS (it will run DR DOS too). I have had no luck in trying to use OS/2 or BeOS on the card.


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