At 4:09 pm -0600 7/8/03, Mike Schienle wrote:

I'm having some trouble with DBI and DBD::MysqlPP (and DBD::MySQL) on 10.3. Can I get a sanity check response that some people are able to run one of these? 10.3 is not that important for what I'm working on, but MySQL is, so I can roll back to older versions of MacOS X, MySQL, etc., if necessary. I never got DBD::MySQL to make so I tried MySQLPP today, which installed fine. I'm about to check out DBI::PurePerl, as well.

Any hints on getting this working so I don't have to roll back would be greatly appreciated.

I haven't tried yet on Panther, but I guess nothing has changed and that you'll have to install Perl without threads in you wand to use DBI and MySQL.


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