On Friday, August 8, 2003, at 7:28 AM, John Delacour wrote:

At 4:09 pm -0600 7/8/03, Mike Schienle wrote:

I'm having some trouble with DBI and DBD::MysqlPP (and DBD::MySQL) on 10.3. Can I get a sanity check response that some people are able to run one of these? 10.3 is not that important for what I'm working on, but MySQL is, so I can roll back to older versions of MacOS X, MySQL, etc., if necessary. I never got DBD::MySQL to make so I tried MySQLPP today, which installed fine. I'm about to check out DBI::PurePerl, as well.

Any hints on getting this working so I don't have to roll back would be greatly appreciated.

I haven't tried yet on Panther, but I guess nothing has changed and that you'll have to install Perl without threads in you wand to use DBI and MySQL.


Thanks for the link, John. I'm also going to move back from an Alpha MySQL 4.1 to 4.0. I'll report back if anything works.

Mike Schienle

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