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Mac::Glue and Mac::Carbon are again based on Carbon, and won't work in 64-bit.

Though I haven't used it myself, "use Foundation;" will load in the PerlObjCBridge module (which is 64-bit) and then you can use NSAppleScript class to run an AppleScript script (as I understand it).

Thanks for the pointer Ed - I looked through:


So I'm guessing that for simple calls I can replace:

use MacPerl;

MacPerl::DoAppleScript('tell application "Terminal" to activate');


use Foundation;
my $as = NSAppleScript->alloc->initWithSource_('tell application "Terminal" to activate');
my $err = $as->executeAndReturnError_(undef);

But what would be the equivalent, if I wanted to capture the returned value?

my $win = MacPerl::DoAppleScript('tell application "Terminal" to return front window');
warn $win;



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