It has been about 12 years since I have had to think about Perl....

I have an iPad and I have a Postgresql database on my home server.

I have turned on the MacOS(client) VPN on the mac mini that I use
as my home server and can access my home network in a secure fashion...

I would like to be able to easily access my database running on this
server from my iPad.

It turns out that once upon a time I wrote a perl cgi that allowed
me  to access postgresql and display the results of selections in
a html table.

It appears that I need to install DBI and DBD for Postgresql.

Unfortunately I have pretty much forgotten most of my Perl
( Sh*t happens when you get into your seventies...)

Could some kind soul give me a quick guide on how to install
the necessary modules to enable the cgi?

I have a fat libpq installed...

The perl script rmtpgsql.cgi is located here: 

If you use Postqresql and have the dbd stuff installed and are bored
you might give it a whirl and let me know if it still works.

If I can get it working then I could use Safari on the iPad to provide
easy viewing of my personal database.



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