On 04.02.2011 12:24, Jeremiah Foster wrote:
> Have you installed the mysql libraries on your OS X system first? 
> You need more that just the perl bindings to MySQL, you need to have MySQL 
> installed on your machine, along with whatever libraries needed to run it. 
> That is to say, runtime and buildtime dependencies.
> BTW, you may want to look into Postgres since MySQL was recently bought by 
> Oracle.
> Regards,
> Jeremiah

Sorry, Jeremiah, I answered off list, privately. Here the contents of my

Hello Jeremiah!

Thank you for your answer! At least, there was one. I could not answer
you in time, because my only computer, my life partner, PBP 17' was in
clinic for two weeks. Now I have a new logic board, but still now
DBD::mysql module and not many answers in this group :-(

Of course I have mysql installed; and for the next one, asking
questions: yes, on my $PATH there are the mysql bin included:

% echo $PATH

Best greetings to all


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