On 08.06.2011 17:31, John Delacour wrote:
At 16:02 +0200 08/06/2011, Marek Stepanek wrote:

...So, gcc seems to be al right. Is it possible, that the migration
assistant has mixed up, 32bit compiled modules with 64bit? Or is there
a confusion with the Perl of Fink? Here my Perl:

Built under darwin
Compiled at Jan 26 2010 17:48:54
/sw/lib/perl5/5.10.0 ...

I think you're going to have trouble until you get rid of everything
Fink has installed and everything it's changed in /usr/bin.

If I were you I'd probably delete /usr/bin/perl and replace it with a
link but I'd wait for others to give you more experienced advice.

I would also install the latest Xcode.

Note that gcc -v will give you gcc-4.0 and not gcc-4.2 unless you have
replaced Apple's original link, so maybe Fink did that too.


Thank you John, Thank you Sherm!

I did install the new XCode.

<offtopic>My new laptop was a not really cheap: 2600 Euros, and Apple is asking for the XCode download 3.90 Euros. This is nit-picking in my eyes. I don't know, where Apple is going, but I see in the last years only toys and no real support of professionals.</offtopic>

gcc-4.2 was installed with the latest XCode 4.0.2 Is Fink installing into /usr/bin ? Or is it a misunderstanding?

Probably there are old and new mixed up from migrating from my back-up.


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