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gcc-4.2 was installed with the latest XCode 4.0.2 Is Fink installing into /usr/bin ? Or is it a misunderstanding?

I have both gcc-4.0 and gcc-4.2 in /usr/bin but gcc points to gcc-4.0. I have Xcode version 3.2.6 and I see in Get Info that there is an option to open in 32-bit mode. That may have been switched on in the migration... but listen to wiser counsel than mine.

<offtopic>My new laptop was a not really cheap: 2600 Euros, and Apple is asking for the XCode download 3.90 Euros. This is nit-picking in my eyes. I don't know, where Apple is going, but I see in the last years only toys and no real support of professionals.

I have been thinking so all day after watching the announcement of iCloud, a complete non-happening designed, like everything Apple, for shop-happy groupees. It is "free", up to a point, once you have bought your latest Mac, your latest iPhone and your latest iPad, paid the interest on the loans and the subscription to all the service providers for the connectivity needed to download tune after useless tune at an inflated price. My first 128K Mac with a dot matrix printer cost me over $4,000 in 1984, so the writing has been on the wall for a long time. </offtopic>


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