On 6/17/11 11:58 PM, Sherm Pendley wrote:

Don't shoot the messenger! :-)

DynaLoader is just doing its job and reporting the problem. DBD::mysql
can't load, because it's linked against libmysqlclient.18.dylib, and
that .dylib is MIA - that's the problem.

Is MySQL installed in the same place it was when you built DBD::mysql?


Thank you Sherm!

Yes, first I was installing mysql, 64-bit, immediately after DBI, and than DBD::mysql, with some dirty tricks (see my first posting). And I have only one mysql installed on my HD ...

        MIA - I was googeling this abbreviation. Does it mean "Miami
        Dolphins" or "Miami Airport"? Sorry for this question, but some
        times there are not only native speakers in such kind of
        mailing list.

Should I start over again, install everything for the 40th time? Perhaps I should try with use lib ... ??? pointing to the right libmysqlclient.18.dylib ???


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