On Monday September 19 2016 03:02:38 Jeremy Sequoia wrote:

> /var/tmp definitely isn't cleared though.

TMPDIR points into /var/folders.

Here's an example entry from macports's icon cache:

%> sudo afsctool -vvv 
File is HFS+ compressed.
File content type: dyn.age80w65dqfv0u3pcrz2a
File size (uncompressed data fork; reported size by Mac OS 10.6+ Finder): 
4194304 bytes / 4.2 MB (megabytes) / 4 MiB (mebibytes)
File size (compressed data fork - decmpfs xattr; reported size by Mac OS 
10.0-10.5 Finder): 112916 bytes / 115 KB (kilobytes) / 112 KiB (kibibytes)
File size (compressed data fork): 112932 bytes / 115 KB (kilobytes) / 112 KiB 
Compression savings: 97.3%
Number of extended attributes: 0
Total size of extended attribute data: 0 bytes
Approximate overhead of extended attributes: 536 bytes
Approximate total file size (compressed data fork + EA + EA overhead + file 
overhead): 115488 bytes / 115 KB (kilobytes) / 113 KiB (kibibytes)

There are a number of files of the same size, plus many smaller. I have no idea 
how I can map this to an actual icon though.

> > Even if keeping track of who's entitled to access which bits of cached icon 
> > info the cache agent could prune the cache, removing everything that hasn't 
> > been accessed for more than a reasonably long time.
> Again, I think you are seeing something anomalous.  You should investigate 
> before jumping to conclusions.

How large is your own icon cache directory? And asking here is me 
investigating. I wouldn't really know where else to ask, Apple's 
support/discussions forum? Doesn't seem like the most appropriate place to 
discuss this kind of thing :)

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