On Thursday October 06 2016 06:33:56 Ken Cunningham Webuse wrote:

> Some of the builds on these older machines can take hours and hours... 
> webkit2-gtk is not even to be mentioned.

Didn't even think of that yet, but yes. The problem is of course that we *are* 
indeed talking about older versions which may not justify spending exorbitant 
amounts of time and effort into coming up with an ideal solution.

Side-ways related: do we know how many of Apple's open-source libraries are 
based on C++ and could thus (potentially) be provided as libc++-based ports?

Ken: apologies for not having thought of this, but myself when I was still 
running 10.6 I've had sufficient success with building C++11 code using a 
(then) recent gcc port.  It's possible that things have evolved so much 
nowadays that even that may not cut it anymore.

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