I can work with you on this. I'll build a failing version and email you the 
entire log off-list tonight.


On 2017-08-09, at 9:55 AM, Jan Stary wrote:

> On Aug 09 08:44:02, ken.cunningham.web...@gmail.com wrote:
>> On 2017-08-09, at 1:05 AM, Joshua Root wrote:
>>> Perhaps someone with access to a 10.7 machine could try this.
>>> - Josh
>>> <sox-portfile.diff>
>> Yep, that should do it.  Deactivating MacPorts grep, sox build fails - 
>> activating MacPorts grep fixes the build on 10.7. I have other things 
>> installed that get pulled in (gsed, otools) so this is not a buildbot, but 
>> grep should do the trick.
> Can anyone please point to the actual grep call that causes this?
> I would much rather simplify the grep call in SoX itself (if possible)
> than depend on a specific version of grep (uggh).
>       Jan

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