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> On 2017-8-9 23:15 , Jan Stary wrote:
> > On Aug 09 15:06:35, ken.cunningham.web...@gmail.com wrote:
> > > I can work with you on this. I'll build a failing version and email you 
> > > the entire log off-list tonight.
> > 
> > Thank you Ken.
> > 
> > I looked on the detailed log of vanilla SoX 14.4.2 itself,
> > but cannot find the offending grep. Is it run by SoX's build system,
> > or is the nm/grep combo run by the building robot?
> The addition of --disable-silent-rules in the patch was to hopefully show
> more of the failing command (and it's a good idea anyway since silent rules
> make logs much less useful).

'make V=1' disables the silent rules

        $ ./configure --help
        --enable-silent-rules   less verbose build output (undo: "make V=1")
        --disable-silent-rules  verbose build output (undo: "make V=0")

> This is not something that would be specific to
> the buildbot. I'm not sure, but given what is happening when the error
> occurs, the offending grep command may be invoked by (g)libtool.

Thank you Josh. I missed ./configure --disable-silent-libtool.
Then the full build log (attached) reveals

libtool: link: /usr/bin/grep -E -e 
 ".libs/libsox.exp" > ".libs/libsox.expT"

Can someone on 10.7 please check that this is the failing grep line?
(Not even in connection with SoX, just grep that regexp on anything.)


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