On 2017-8-9 23:15 , Jan Stary wrote:
On Aug 09 15:06:35, ken.cunningham.web...@gmail.com wrote:
I can work with you on this. I'll build a failing version and email you the 
entire log off-list tonight.

Thank you Ken.

I looked on the detailed log of vanilla SoX 14.4.2 itself,
but cannot find the offending grep. Is it run by SoX's build system,
or is the nm/grep combo run by the building robot?

The addition of --disable-silent-rules in the patch was to hopefully show more of the failing command (and it's a good idea anyway since silent rules make logs much less useful). This is not something that would be specific to the buildbot. I'm not sure, but given what is happening when the error occurs, the offending grep command may be invoked by (g)libtool.

- Josh

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