On 2018-03-02 14:59, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
I'm open to that. But whatever changes are made, the 
port_binary_distributable.tcl script has to work correctly with those changes.


That script is used by the buildbot to determine which binaries we are allowed 
to distribute.

I can volunteer to do that (not immediately, but I believe I could do it in the upcoming weeks). Just a thought: to make the implementation more manageable, I could implement a mapping from SPDX to "license group" (basically the ones that are there now) so the script still deals with a smaller set of groups instead of all the possible individual license variations. Would you find that agreeable?

A question: since it's important to get the license right, why aren't we failing the builds for Portfiles with an unrecognized license?

// Leoanrdo.

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