On Apr 8, 2018, at 06:12, db wrote:
> On 8 Apr 2018, at 12:42, Zero King wrote:
>> On Sun, Apr 08, 2018 at 12:20:34PM +0200, db wrote:
>>> If you review the code before, that should never be the case and it would 
>>> build just once if it succeeds, right? Or am I missing something how PRs 
>>> are handled?
>> CI builds are automatically started when a PR is submitted or updated,
>> and we usually review the code after the build completes. Unless CI
>> builds are fast enough, manually triggering builds after code review
>> would be a waste of manpower (we have to wait till the build completes).
>> The CI system is useful because it can provide more information when we
>> review the PRs. It would be less useful if we have to manually start the
>> builds.
> That seems to waste at least buildtime and storage.

What do you mean?

> Many updates and revbumps could be almost automatically deployed (after a 
> quick review).

Isn't that we do now?

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