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> > Are you willing to open pull requests for your submissions?  
> Sure. I just need to learn how and if I'm allowed to.

Anyone can submit a GitHub pull request to any GitHub repo. (The owner
can still say no of course, that's why they're _requests_. :) )

The main steps are:

1) Make your changes in your own Git repo:
   a) Fork the macports-ports repository.
   b) Create a branch for your changes.
   c) Make sure your changes pass "port lint", are working, etc.
   d) Apply your changes to that branch, making sure to follow the
      MacPorts standard for commit messages.
   e) Be sure to Rebase your changes so as to minimize your number of
      commits. Ideally, you should have just one. (There are
      exceptions. If you have unrelated fixes, or you're changing
      multiple packages, etc., you might want more than one
      commit. The point is to minimize them though, consistent with
      having one commit per logical change.)
2) Push your change branch to your GitHub repo.
3) Go to
   and request a pull request from your git repo to the main MacPorts one.
4) Go through the process of waiting for the CI system and getting
   feedback (and possibly being asked to make changes to your
   requested pull.)
5) Feel happy when your change gets committed, which is usually quite fast.

[By the way, if someone wants to turn this email into a document, I
was pretty careful writing what's above so that would be easy.]

> Maybe submitters in trac could be notified en masse to also do so.

We're still working out the best way to handle that.

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