On Wed, 11 Apr 2018 15:01:24 +0200 Rainer Müller
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> On 2018-04-11 14:11, db wrote:
> > It means that ports I submitted like stem and ipfs are not
> > further reviewed, so new portfiles I write I just keep in my
> > local repo and don't bother submitting.  
> There are more than 400 pending submissions for new ports on Trac,
> all being in various states. If your submission does not make
> progress, please ask on macports-dev@ for a review with links to
> the corresponding tickets.
> You might also want to consider submitting them as pull requests,
> because Perry Metzger is going to make sure no pull request will be
> forgotten. :-)

Indeed. If you have a couple of existing things you want faster
attention for, submit them as GitHub Pull Requests and you'll have
comments on them within a few hours and they'll be merged very

Apologies for the fact that I'm not also going through the Trac
tickets but there may be some progress on that sometime soon as well.

Alternatively, you can ask for review of existing Trac tickets here
by sending email with links, though I personally mostly do PRs.

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