On 2018-4-12 00:37 , Mojca Miklavec wrote:
> We could move them to something like "changesneeded" (not sure where
> exactly; they could get a special status, even if closed, but it
> should be easy enough to find them should anyone have motivation to
> fix the remaining issues). Just because none of us took the time to
> review the changes for long enough that all dependency and the
> software itself became completely outdated in the meantime, doesn't
> mean that we should make the submissions non-discoverable and give the
> signal to users that first of all we don't care for 5 years, and when
> we start caring, we boldly close all the tickets.
> Very often I see tickets getting status "upstream", "infoneeded" etc.
> which basically means that developers would ignore such tickets until
> something happens. Or perhaps "helpneeded" which means that they are
> genuinely interested in fixing the issue, but have no resources to fix
> it. We need something similar.

New ticket resolutions are something we can do.

- Josh

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