Hi Davide,
thanks for enlightening me about the $PATH settings. I have fixed that now and repeated the upgrade of Frescobaldi once more, and now it works (at least from the Terminal, but I'm sure the other one will also).

Am 04.05.17 um 14:03 schrieb Davide Liessi:
2017-05-04 13:08 GMT+02:00 Thomas Ruedas <trg...@gmail.com>:

the problem is the PYTHONPATH variable, which should not point to a
Python version different from the one you are using.
Also, if you are using the MacPorts-provided Python, there is no need
to set PYTHONPATH, so my recommendation is to simply delete that line.
After deleting that line (and opening a new Terminal) you should get a
working Python 3.5 (the error for 'import sip' was not the only one).

Macports seems to have amended my .profile on earlier occasions when I made
Python upgrades, and I have never touched them. Actually, the $PATH
modification appears three times there, because apparently it was never
checked whether it was already there.

MacPorts edits the .profile only when you update MacPorts itself, not
when you update single ports.
Also, it only adds /opt/local/bin in front of the PATH and doesn't set
Those lines in your .profile come from a different source.
If you want to use only MacPorts' Pythons I would get rid also of the
lines setting the PATH:
export PATH
and ensure instead that /opt/local/bin is the first path in PATH, as
MacPorts sets it.

Best wishes.

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