On 05/11/2019 12:28 pm, Hans Goedbloed wrote:

Hi Peter, Ryan and Chris

Thanks for your help.

Reply to Chris Jones:
-- I am not sure that I removed all ports, how can I find out?
-- How do I create an empty vanilla MacPorts installation?
By 'port -u uninstall'?

To Ryan Schmidt:
-- (1) Attached is "1a. output of upgrade" and "1b. plist". I can not make 
anything of it.

You mis-typed the command... Its

> sudo port -d rev-upgrade


> sudo port -d rev -upgrade

i.e. rev-upgrade is one word.

I have no idea what the plist file you sent is for ?

-- (2) I see some perl file dating from 2010 in /opt/local/bin (see attached "2. old perl 
files").How to update "libpreludedb's +perl variant"?

> sudo port sync
> sudo port upgrade outdated

-- (3) Attached is the list of the "3. old local portfiles". In fact, they date from 
2014, but they also have a copy labeled ".default". Should I just delete all of them?

That is not what Ryan asked for. He asked if you had configured your local installation to use a custom local Portfiles. i.e. have you *changed* /opt/local/etc/macports/sources.conf ??

( At this point though, given all the problems you have its going to be very hard I would say for anyway to understand what you have, and have not done to your system, as part of the upgrade process, so probably the simplest approach is to wipe out the macports installation and start afresh. Just my view, others might disagree. )


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