> On Nov 7, 2019, at 06:34, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at macports.org 
> <https://lists.macports.org/mailman/listinfo/macports-users>> wrote:
> If `port installed requested` shows things that you don't actually want, tell 
> MacPorts by marking them as not requested:
> sudo port unsetrequested portname1 portname2 ...
> Then `sudo port reclaim` will be able to uninstall them, if they're not 
> needed for anything else you've installed. Reclaim won't uninstall things it 
> thinks you want.
This set a little trap for me. For some reason, clamav, which I did request, 
was not shown as requested. So, when I ran reclaim, it was removed. I was 
puzzled at first when freshclam started to fail. I’ve reinstalled clamav now 
and all is well. Is there some reason why clamav would not be flagged as 

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