So... When I go, in iOS10 to the app store, then to the search tab, I only some 
of the time now see my search box at the top of the screen.  If I do see it, I 
double tap.  The keyboard comes up, but if I then flick back up to the text 
box, it doesn't say is editting.  If I try using Siri to dictate, nothing gets 
inserted into the box.  If I manually type my query in, it'll then type in the 
box, but the search button isn't showing at the bottom of the keyboard.  in 
fact, as soon as I put my finger in the bottom right quadrant of the screen to 
tap search, the keyboard disappears entirely, and I land on the update tab 
instead.  I know I quote, need to just move my finger up a little bit.  Trust 
me, I am profoundly familiar with the app store, and how it works.  I'm doing 
this 100% correctly, I assure you beyond a doubt.

Plus, I have enough low vision to see what it's doing.  I'm definitely doing it 

The one time I somehow managed to get the search to carry out, mind you I dono 
what the heck I did to do so, there were no results.  The key word I searched 
for, just to see if I could make anything come up, not that I was gonna 
download it was, Pokimon Go.  No results came up after doing the search.  
Further, when I clicked clear search after the search field, it wouldn't clear 
out what I typed.

I've rebooted the phone.  NO good.  I disconnected and reconnected to my wifi.  
No good.  I tried on cellular.  No good.  I even factory reset the phone.  NO 
good, and no, after doing so, I didn't restore from a backup.  I don't do that 
with major updates like this.  I just start over clean.

It wasn't doing this earlier this morning,  and what's weirded on the mac is, 
when I open ITunes, I can't even get to the store anymore with command+Shift+H 
in the update that just came out.  It bwonks at me, if I try.  I literally have 
to vo+Right arrow to the store radio button, then VO+Space on it.  Incredibly, 
incredibly! clunky!

Is anyone else seeing this stuff?


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