Hello Everyone,

There have been so many posts sent lately that I have lost track so please
indulge me in asking for confirmation of a very annoying bug in the native
iOS 10 Mail app, regarding the threaded view.

Here are my major settings for Mail.  

Preview, None.
Organize by Thread, On.
Most Recent Message on Top, Off.
Complete Thread, Off.

Here are the steps I take to read threads:

Open the Mail app.

Place focus on a collapsed thread.

Select Expand Thread via the VoiceOver Rotor.  At this point, the thread
expands downward.  

Now, I single-finger swipe to the right in order to move to the first
message listed below the subject line of the thread and, as is expected, the
text of the message is read, out by VoiceOver.

The problem is that, regardless of the status of the, "Most Recent Message
on Top", toggle, the first message just below the thread's subject line is
always the most recent post to the thread.  As a consequence, if I want to
read the original post to a thread, I have to swipe all the way down to the
bottom of the list area and reverse swipe back up.  

Does this make sense and are any of you encountering this issue?  

Again, thank you for your indulgence on this.


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