In preparation for my soon coming iPHone7+, I just backed up my iPhone 6+ to 
both my Mac and iCloud.

Now, What I would really love is a good third party solution which would let me 
back all my data from my iPHone6+ directly to my Mac independantly of iTunes.  
The frustration comes in the fact that I have so far paid for three possible 
solutions:  Anytrans, Wondertuens and one other I cannot recall.  When I paid 
for each, they appeared to me to be quite accessible:  but in time, and with 
the latest update of Anytrans, the accessibility seems to be broken every time 
with each solution.  Can anybody suggest anything which might be usable for the 
purpose and which is at least very or reasonably accessible?


Sent from my Mac, The only computer with full accessibility for the blind 

Sincerely, The Constantly Barefooted Ray
Still a very happy Mac, Verizon Wireless iPhone6+ and Apple TV user!!!!!

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