Oh ok yes. I need to work with that as I do not intercept calls often and when one does come in, I am caught off guard with the flurry of alerts on the Mac. How best to handle that? Thanks. This would be good to know.

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On 10/17/2016 2:23 PM, Tim Kilburn wrote:

If you've set up your Continuity services where you can answer iPhone calls on 
your Mac, then any and all calls that come into your iPhone are able to be 
accepted through FaceTime.


Tim Kilburn
Fort McMurray, AB Canada

On Oct 17, 2016, at 15:19, E.T. <ancient.ali...@icloud.com> wrote:

  Was just looking at Facetime on the Mac and see a couple entries, one of 
which was a wrong number, the other one from someone who does not own Apple 

  T thought Facetime was an Apple-only service so am curious about this.

From E.T.'s Keyboard...
 Without H2O there is no life!

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