On 4/2/2015 1:45 PM, J.B. Nicholson-Owens <j...@forestfield.org> wrote:
> I also think we should stop offering mailing list digests, particularly 
> because I don't see a need for them now that bandwidth to most Internet 
> users is plentiful (plentiful enough to see widespread use of HTML 
> email, for instance) and so many users pick gratis email hosting that 
> imposes no quota on them (to maximize effectiveness of spying on 
> users?). I'd be willing to reconsider my opinion on digests if there 
> were some compelling reason(s) to continue digests. So far all I see in 
> digests are the bad points: digests break threading, replies to digests 
> contain far more quoted material than original material, and top posting 
> makes digests even harder for me to figure out what is being replied to.

Well, liomited bandwidth was never a reason (in my mind) for wanting
digest versions of some email lists...

The main reason I may choose a digest version of a list is if it is
high-volume, and/or I am more of a lurker than participant. In such a
case digests makes the Inbox (or folder if they are filtered to one)
less cluttered.
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