Richard Damon <> wrote:
Another reason that I have been told by some people that they want
people to top post is that their client will show in the message list a
summary of the first line of the message, and they want that to be the
new content to see if it is worth reading,

Tanstaafl replied:
And that is actually one of the few reasonable reasons that I've ever
seen supporting the argument...

I somewhat concur; I understand the desire for the feature, and I think this is the first time I've seen a reasonable reason for it as well. I think it's a nice feature to have, generally. But I don't think this justifies top-posting because I'd prefer clients to collapse quoted material, attribution, and then show the first line (or few lines) of the message. I still prefer the logical point-counterpoint of an edited response I can read from the top down.

I also think we should stop offering mailing list digests, particularly because I don't see a need for them now that bandwidth to most Internet users is plentiful (plentiful enough to see widespread use of HTML email, for instance) and so many users pick gratis email hosting that imposes no quota on them (to maximize effectiveness of spying on users?). I'd be willing to reconsider my opinion on digests if there were some compelling reason(s) to continue digests. So far all I see in digests are the bad points: digests break threading, replies to digests contain far more quoted material than original material, and top posting makes digests even harder for me to figure out what is being replied to.
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