On 3/19/15 5:53 PM, Barry Warsaw wrote:
What I've found interesting is that some of my correspondents (off-list)
actually *want* top posting, and find anything else confusing.  I think I
understand why in at least some cases; Apple Mail top posts by default, and
some folks just don't like to go digging around in the email to find the
answer they're looking for.  I've actually tried to accommodate that when
sending email to them.

Another reason that I have been told by some people that they want people to top post is that their client will show in the message list a summary of the first line of the message, and they want that to be the new content to see if it is worth reading, as opposed to the quote of the message they have already decided to read or not. (of course, the answer is that it would be better if the client showed the first non-quote line if possible).

Richard Damon

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