Okay, upon reflection I think I figured out what happened here.  I replied to an existing thread but deleted the entirety of the message thread and changed the subject entirely.  I thought that started a new message thread but perhaps the list software registers that as a reply to an existing thread.  I organize my email client by date and not by thread so I would not see this.  Apologizes to all if this is the case.

I'm told by my list subscriber the following:

a. He thinks that the Digest message formatting is messed-up as it originally comes from the list, but he is not sure (reply messages might be messing up the formatting).

b. He is using iPhone and Outlook for Apple email clients.

c. He is also experiencing quote marks (") and apostrophes (') being turned into question marks (?) throughout the text of digest messages.

Is this mess a function of his Apple email clients, or a problem that rests with the Mailman list management software?


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On 11/17/2020 9:21 PM, Michael Reeder LCPC -- Hygeia Regular wrote:
Mark -- I very much appreciate your answer below.  I'll work on the (nearly impossible) task of training users to respond to digests properly and also explain to people that the Mailman list mgmt software can't control formatting screw-ups by email client programs.

I agree with not hijacking threads...  What hijack?  Looks to me like I started a new topic.  Right??

Michael Reeder

On 11/17/2020 2:32 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
On 11/16/20 10:36 PM, Michael Reeder LCPC -- Hygeia Regular wrote:
Hello All,

Please don't hijack threads. When you want to post a new topic, don't do
it by replying to another post, just compose a ney message to the list.

I am running a listserv which was recently moved to GNU Mailman 2.1.23
on a Dream Host server (I assume UNIX).  I am encountering the following

Please see <https://wiki.list.org/DOC/Mailman%20is%20not%20Listserv>.

Replies to Digest messages (both MIME and plain text) sometimes have
line breaks stripped from them.  We have seen this so far with both a
version of Microsoft Outlook and an email client program for an Android
phone.  As far as I know, the digest messages themselves originally all
look fine when sent from the listserv.

Anyone know if there is anything I can do about this?

Use a different mail client that doesn't do this. Otherwse, there's
nothing you can do to control what users mail clients do.

Bonus Question:  I do not have command prompt access -- only admin panel access (listserv software is implemented through Dream Host). Anything I
can do from the admin panel?  What would I ask Dream Host to change?

There is no change to the digests themselves that would mitigate this
issue without breaking the way the original digests render.

Further, people shouldn't be replying to a digest. For a MIME format
digest, they should open the individual message and reply to that. For
the plain digest, they should just copy/paste relevant context from the
digest into a new post to the list. Of course, training list members to
do that is probably not possible ...

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