On 11/18/20 12:27 PM, Michael Reeder LCPC -- Hygeia Regular wrote:
> "As far as whether the digest formatting is "messed up", I'd need to see
> an actual digest message to comment further. "-- Well, that's the
> thing.  I would send it to you, but when he sent me the "messed up"
> digest, it looked absolutely FINE on both my Android phone and in
> Thunderbird on Windows 10!!

To be definitively sure, you could subscribe two additional addresses to
the list, one receiving plain text digests and one receiving MIME
digests, and see what they get.

> *I guess my only question at this point would be -- is this common on
> Apple products?
> *

Yes. I get reports of some phone clients, Apple IOS clients in
particular, being problematic in various ways. If, as you say, the
digest looks fine on your Android phone and in Thunderbird on Windows
10, the issue is with the user's phone client and there's probably
nothing Mailman can do about it.

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