I wrote a long reply, only to discover that Mark had written it first
and better and posted it. :-)  This part might be of some use if at
least some of your users have sufficiently capable clients.

Michael Reeder LCPC -- Hygeia Regular writes:

 > On 11/17/2020 9:21 PM, Michael Reeder LCPC -- Hygeia Regular wrote:
 > > Mark -- I very much appreciate your answer below.  I'll work on the 
 > > (nearly impossible) task of training users to respond to digests 
 > > properly and also explain to people that the Mailman list mgmt 
 > > software can't control formatting screw-ups by email client programs.

I don't have a list of capable software off-hand (except that
essentially all clients implemented in Emacs are capable -- but you
probably don't want to wish that on your users  ;-).  However, here
are some features that help if present:

Bursting digests:
    Also called "exploding" or "expanding".  The digest message is
    broken up into individual messages, and threaded and sorted as
    usual for the client.  Possibly filtered, as well.
    Useful for people who want to (a) thread the messages in the
    digest with saved messages in a folder or inbox, or (b) save a few
    messages and discard the rest.  Suboptimal for "scan digest and
    discard it" workflows.
    Some clients (Outlook 2011) can do this as a filter, but don't
    seem to have an option to do it from the inbox summary display.
    The client treats the digest message as a folder (that's exactly
    what it is!) and threads and sorts the individual messages in that
    folder as usual.
    Optimal for scan-and-discard workflows.  Suboptimal if you want to
    thread messages in the folder against messages outside the folder.

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