On 2021-01-25 23:52:53 (+0800), Mark Sapiro wrote:
On 1/24/21 10:02 PM, Philip Paeps wrote:
Thanks for the tip!  This list does have a `pipeline` attribute.


It seems to have both SpamDetect and CookHeaders.  Our other mailing lists do not have a pipeline attribute defined though.  Suspiciously, this pipeline is missing the WrapMessage stage present in the GLOBAL_PIPELINE.  I wonder if that could be the problem?

Yes, the absence of WrapMessage is the problem. I forgot that WrapMessage also is the piece that actually replaces the original From:. SpamDetect is where we determine that the message needs DMARC mitigation, and CookHeaders is where we figure what the munged From: should look like, but CookHeaders only puts in in the messages metadata and WrapMessage actually does the replacement.

Thanks for the extra context. I'm beginning to understand how this works now.

If you were to add WrapMessge, the only difference between this and GLOBAL_PIPELINE is this one added DeDuper at the beginning. Since I don't know what that does, I don't know if it's important or not, but if it is, you could restore the list's pipeline with the addition of WrapMessage.

The DeDuper is a local addition we have (and it exists in our GLOBAL_PIPELINE). It keeps a cache of recently seen message-ids on the list and discards duplicates. This is in place because our lists can be addressed both as freebsd-curr...@freebsd.org and curr...@freebsd.org. When someone does reply-all to a message with an original To: header of curr...@freebsd.org, two copies of the message arrive at the list.


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